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The quality of domestic security activity ultimately depends upon the dedication of practitioners to observe high standards of conduct and to be diligent in their duties. SHISP adopts the following Code of Ethics and mandate its conscientious observance as a binding condition of CHPP or CHPA certification. The certification’s reputation depends upon its leadership and members taking personal responsibility for adhering to this code and your personal and/or business conduct must be guided by the guidelines set forth in this code:

  • All certified professionals shall perform professional duties in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles and shall not maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, or employers or communicate with malice concerning a colleague’s competence, performance, or professional capabilities.
  • A certified professional shall not knowingly release misleading information, nor encourage or otherwise participate in the release of such information and shall refrain from deriving any personal gain from confidential information they may have acquired in the exercise of their duties.
  • A certified professional shall not knowingly become associated or work with colleagues who do not conform to the law and these standards.
  • A certified professional shall be just and respect the rights of others in performing professional responsibilities and remaining steadfast in adherence to promises and commitments.
  • Certified professionals shall not accept any job or situation which might detract from the dignity of the GSHNSP or NSA and shall refrain from any act which might bring their profession into disrepute.
  • Certified Professionals will remain current of homeland security issues and trends as well equipment or measure to protect their communities against all threats including natural disasters.

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior

If a violation of this code occurs by a certified professional, it should be promptly reported to this organization. In order to encourage good faith reports of illegal or unethical behavior, we keep all reports confidential and do not allow retaliation for reports of misconduct by others. We must all work to ensure prompt and consistent action against unethical or illegal behavior.


Our organization covers a diverse group of people. We provide equal opportunity in all aspects of involvement and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Derogatory comments based on challenged ability, racial or ethnic characteristics, sexual orientation and similar behavior are prohibited.

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