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Archived Webinars

Crisis Leadership & Communications in a Complex, Headline-Driven World

Incidents of civil unrest have been materializing in different parts of the US. The issue itself is complex and unfortunately, it is the law enforcement agencies that are bearing the brunt of these. This session brings a group of law enforcement leaders together who handled such incidents, sharing their experience, best practices, and lessons learned to better prepare other agencies when they are faced with the unexpected.  Read More


School Guardian Programs: A Psychological Perspective

Despite opposing opinions and stances on many factors surrounding school shootings, if there’s one thing that the entire population can agree on it, it is that the carnage has got to stop. Various efforts are being studied, considered, and implemented across the country, and just one of these is the School Guardian Program (SGP).

Dr. Grant McDougall’s discussion focuses on the pros and cons of the program, the experience, and vital considerations when implementing it. Dr. McDougall is a nationally board-certified counselor and is a board member of the National Sheriff’s Association’s Psychological Section. He is a provider of psychological services for law enforcement agencies within Florida, and owns Southeastern Counseling and Consultation which serves first responder and law enforcement agencies.  Read More

An In-depth Look at Darknet Marketplaces

In his previous webinar, Special Agent Christopher W. Diorio provided an intro to the Dark Web. This time around, he is focusing on Dark Net Marketplaces (DNMs) – navigating these and using it for investigative purposes.

Christopher Diorio is a Special Agent with the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). He is currently assigned to the Cyber Crimes Unit of the HSI Cyber Crimes Center and is also the National Program Manager for Cyber Training. He’s been with the HSI for over 17 years, 12 years of which were spent conducting cyber investigations where he is involved in undercover investigations and digital forensics. Read More