Understanding Crypto-currency:

Crypto-currency is a virtual monetary system that facilitates the secure, anonymous transfer of value across the internet. Although crypto-currencies are legal, it is the currency of choice used by criminals and terrorists. The Silk Road, a Dark Web virtual illicit marketplace, relied upon Bitcoin as the currency of choice to facilitate payment for illegal goods and services. Understanding crypto-currency and it’s implications for law enforcement is an essential skill for the contemporary law enforcement officer. This course will provide participants with the information they need to make effective decisions regarding crypto-currency.

Topics include:

  • History of crypto-currency and why it was created
  • An overview of the most popular crypto-currencies
  • Mechanics of crypto-currency; how crypto-currency is used and stored; crypto-currency mining
  • An overview of blockchain technology and its application in crypto-currency
  • An overview of crypto-currency wallets
  • Case studies of illicit use of crypto-currency
  • Crypto-currency trading and investment

This course will also discuss the legal and practical considerations when encountering crypto-currency in an investigation.

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