Fundamentals of Ransomware:

Ransomware has evolved from rarely occurring nuisance incidents to major disruptions for industries and governments around the world. Recent reports indicate that the number of ransomware advertisements on the Dark Web have increased over 2500%. Several high profile incidents have highlighted that no industry, business, government or citizen is immune from this cybersecurity threat. Several state, county and local governments, all with some form of malware protection, have been required to pay a substantial ransom in order to recover their seized data, with no guarantee of recovery. This course will educate participants on the operating principles of ransomware and the implications for law enforcement.

Topics include:

  • Overview of ransomware, including it’s history and why it has become such a popular tactic for criminal actors
  • Who creates and deploys ransomware and how it is marketed and distributed via the Dark Web
  • Case studies of ransomware infections and the implications for law enforcement
  • The mechanics of ransomware
  • The role that social engineering plays in facilitating ransomware infections
  • Ransomware incident response and mitigation strategies
  • The role of crypto-currency in ransomware infections
  • Resources available to law enforcement for decrypting ransomware infections

The course will also discuss the role good cyber-hygiene plays in making the workplace more resilient to a ransomware infection.

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