The Dark Web:

Use of the Dark Web by the general public has increased significantly in the last few years. Facebook has reported through open source media that one million of its users accessed their social media site via the Dark Web. Dark Web use has also increased exponentially among cyber criminals, hacker and nation state actors. Recent reports indicate that the number of ransomware advertisements on the Dark Web have increased over 2500%. To remain relevant in contemporary law enforcement, it is critical for officers to understand the functionality of the Dark Web and the opportunities it presents to further illicit activity. Participants in this course will develop the skills needed to understand the Dark Web.

Topics include:

  • What is the Dark Web?
  • An explanation of the differences among “Dark Net”, “Surface Web”, “Deep Web” and “Dark Web”
  • The history of the Dark Web and how it has evolved to support illicit activity
  • Demonstrate the low barrier to entry, an explanation of The Onion Router (TOR) the hardware/software required and how to navigate within the Dark Web
  • Case studies will expose the types of illicit activities conducted in this environment
  • The role that crypto-currency plays in supporting illicit activity on the Dark Web
  • Dark Web secure messaging applications
  • Examples and opportunities for law enforcement to operate more effectively within the Dark Web

This course will also demonstrate the relative ease and low technical ability required to access the Dark Web. The course will also discuss the policy implications for law enforcement officers leveraging the Dark Web within the scope of their duties.

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