Social Media for Law Enforcement:  

Social media has evolved in our society to become an essential method of communication and has permeated all aspects of our lives. Social media can also be hijacked by criminals and terrorists for illegal activity. This course is designed to assist law enforcement officers in building their capability to use social media to prevent and solve crimes, gather intelligence, strengthen police-community relations, and enhance essential services. Participants in this course will develop the critical skills needed to leverage social media as a tool to keep the public informed, to gather important information and intelligence from the community and to further their investigative efforts. Participants will also learn the importance of developing effective social media use policy for their agency.

Topics include:

  • The basics of social media – an overview of profiles, news feeds, friends/followers, search features, groups, feeds, spam and privacy
  • Most popular social media sites in use today
  • Useful international and specialty social media sites
  • Social media mobile apps
  • Using social media apps to keep the public informed
  • Leveraging social media to gather important information from the public
  • Special Event Management – using social media tools to secure a mass gathering
  • Valuable law enforcement tools / techniques to track and capture content
  • Online investigative tradecraft
  • Using advanced searches to find helpful content
  • Legal compliance with popular social media sites
  • Online OPSEC – how law enforcement officers can protect their privacy
  • Historical examples of investigations involving social media
  • The principles of open source intelligence gathering
  • Crafting effective policy to guide the use of social media by your agency

This course will also examine privacy / civil rights / civil liberties implications for law enforcement officers using social media in furtherance of their duties, to include a discussion on policy development principles.

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