School Based Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Training

The School-Based Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (SBTRVA) Training was developed to assist campus security; school administration, staff and employees; first responders from all disciplines, including law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical, and emergency management; and the private sector in understanding and completing threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments of schools and use the information gathered in the assessments to ensure that their schools are safe and secure.

The SBTRVA is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates a school systems strengths and weaknesses in regard to safety and security, identifies critical infrastructure and key resources, identifies the threats to the schools from an all hazard perspective, and provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

“Generally law enforcement will train together, fire departments do their own thing, and we almost never deal with the schools. We are building relationships.”

Lodi (OH) Police Chief Keith Keough, who attended SBTRVA Training in August 2018.

The information gathered in the SBTRVA methodology converts easily to:

  • school safety and security operations
  • emergency planning
  • tactical considerations
  • prevention activities
  • protection activities
  • incident response and command
  • recovery
  • selection of applicable security technology

This three day training can be hosted by any agency.

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