Narcotics Field Testing Certification Course

8 Hours $495 per student
Class size is limited to 20 students


Course Objective:
Develop the ability to perform presumptive field testing of narcotics safely and effectively utilizing a proven system and set of recommended tools. Participants will get hands on training with current technology and understand the limitations and options available to them.

  • Course Outline
  • Drug Trends
  • Risk Assessment
  • Aseptic Technique & Handling Methods
  • Field Testing Technology
  • Hands on Practical Exercises
  • Certification Test

For information regarding upcoming classes, call Steve Hodges at 603-568-3456 or email at

This course was developed based on a need in the field for guidelines to conduct presumptive field testing safely in association with the dangers of Opioids. It is modeled after protocols developed for and adopted by the state of New Jersey and is certified by National Sheriff’s Association. The instructor cadre is comprised of active members of public safety agencies from across the US that were instrumental in developing these proven techniques.